Prayer Meme (The Top Three)

There is this prayer meme going around the interwebs. (For those of you who don’t know what a meme is: meme = peer pressure to do something on-line like everyone else.) The way the story goes is you are supposed to blog about your three favorite prayers.

So far a number of our dear friend have done it. I would encourage you to check out: popple, oddwalk, Bob Rice, Mike Patin, Scott Miller, and Roy Petitfils

Here is Brad’s response to the questions:

To ask me to list my three favorite prayers is like asking which of my four children I love the most, or perhaps even more like asking who my favorite Saint is (those who know me well know that is a dangerous question only to be asked when you have lots of spare time). My first impulse is to go on and on… instead I’ll mention the three I actually pray most regularly, and limit the list to structured prayer rather than personal spontaneous prayer. Before the list, however, I give prominence to the Mass and time spent in Eucharistic adoration. Those are givens.

The Rosary — a powerful tool beyond our understanding… for growing, for understanding, for healing, for comfort, as a spiritual weapon… If you’ve never read Pope John Paul II’s 2002 letter on the rosary, check it out now. Not too hard to follow and says it well.

The Memorare — our greatest intercessor is our Queen… she really does come through for those who treat her as Mother and Queen

St. Michael the Archangel and Angel of God — Never neglect the unseen help that are our constant companions. Check out for some cool learning about angels.

Honorable mention – Veni Creator Spiritus (Come, Creator Spirit) — could be nicknamed “the Saint-maker” prayer… a favorite of many great Saints

Here is mine:

1) “Thank you for the blessings I have received and the blessings I am receiving.” I have found that when I move through my day with the disposition of gratitude they I am more open to God’s ever present grace. About one a week I try and say this prayer 1000 times during the day.

2) “I love you. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you.” It is an old Hawaiian prayer. I say it every time a touch a door knob.

3) My evening walk. Most night when I am home I take a 25 min walk. I just breath in the beauty of the part and campus near my house. I try to just listen, knowing full well God is just listening.

We are still waiting for Clay Imoo, John Roedel, Anne Marie Cribbin, Judy McDonald, John Rinaldoand Michael St. Pierre to join the fun.

Please let us know your favorite prayers in the comment section below.

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