Promo Tools

Welcome to the promotional tools page. Here you will find everything you need for promoting your event with APeX. Everything thing here is available for download. Use it how every you want. Go crazy! We love creative promotional ideas. If you have any question, can’t get something to download, or are looking for something we don’t have please let us know.

This page is broken up into 6 sections:

  1. The Guide
  2. Do’s and Don’ts of Promoting APeX
  3. Biographical Information for Programs
  4. Photos
  5. Clip Art
  6. Posters

Section 1) The Guide

This is the most important document you will find on the promo tools page.

In this file you will find steps you can take to make sure your event is a smashing success. Also will find everything APeX will need at your event (this includes technical requirements, practice space and the like). It is very important you read this and understand what is necessary in order to make the event successful.

Section 2) Do’s and don’ts of promo

  • Have the presider at each Mass say that he, too, will attend (not just the YM and DRE). This will make the full parish community feel welcome (not just the youth) and in turn they will be more open to come.
  • Make announcements at services a number of weeks in advance so people can start planning to attend. Don’t be afraid to be creative with your announcements. You want to set the tone of how much fun the event is going to be. Have fun with promoting the event. Fun is contagious.
  • Place signs at all entrances to the church two weeks in advance. (APeX will provide pre-printed signs upon request. Smaller, ready-to-print ones are included in this kit.)
  • Send a reminder to every family with young people in the parish of the up-coming event. (APeX will provide promotional postcards for this upon request.)
  • Extend an invitation to the surrounding churches of all denominations (the more the merrier).
  • Use the clip art, pictures and announcements below in church bulletins, newsletters, and mailings.
  • Inform the local newspaper of the event. Most newspapers have a community page in which they will list information of up-coming events for free. Some newspapers will even run a story about the event a few days before or the day of the event. We have found that many newspapers are willing to list information and run stories. All you need to do is ask. (Sample newspaper announcement below)
  • Contact your local Christian (or secular) radio station and see if they will run a PSA (Public Service Announcement) about the event. Many stations will do this for free. Sometimes local TV stations will do the same. (Sample PSA below)
  • If you are going to use our name in promotional tools please refer to us as APeX or APeX Ministries. In describing our style of ministry please use the term Christian Vaudeville. If definition is also needed for that term, “This includes death defying juggling, humor, characterizations (skits), story-telling, audience participation, and personal testimony,” works very well. We are not saying this because we are picky prema-donas. We have found that if someone has no experience with our ministry and they are told they are going to see jugglers they get the wrong impression. When most folks hear juggling, they think clowns which leads them (wrongly) to thinking they are going to a kiddy show. By using the term and description of Christian

Section 3) Biographical Information for Programs

Here is how we like to be listed in program books:

  • APeX Ministries (aka Gene and Brad) is an internationally known comedy duo based out of Brooklyn, NY and Aurora , CO. Since 1996 they have traveled North America using a style they define as Christian Vaudeville. This includes death defying juggling, sketch comedy, and personal testimony. In other words, they are evangelists, they throw things at each other, and they are funny. Gene hopes one day to compete in the Olympics as a solo synchronized swimmer. Brad is very strong!

Please let us know if you need something else.

Section 4): Photos

You will find three types of photos: color, black and white, and cut line. The color and black and white photos are exactly what you think they would be. The third type of photo is a cut line. These are photos that are created with only black and white (there are no shades of gray like the black and white photos). Cut line images are just like the picture of George Washington on the $1 bill. The image is created with a series of dots and lines of a solid color to create the picture. As the qualities of printers have improved, these types of photos have become less and less necessary. The time to use a cut line photo is when you are using a copy machine. Most copy machines don’t deal well with the photos that have shades of gray. The machine will either make the gray either white or black (in most cases black), thus not making the photo very useable. If you are going to be using a photo copier experiment with both the BW and cut line photos to see which works best. All of the color and BW photos are available here in versions for print and for the web.

[cincopa 10704565]

Feel free to crop and resize photos to fit your needs. Right click and choose “save as” to download any of the photos.

Section 5) Clip Art

This section contains a lot of clip art. Again, here you will find versions of almost everything in color as well as black and white, and versions for print or for the web.

[cincopa 10704574]

Feel free to crop and resize clip art to fit your needs. Right click and choose “save as” to download any of the photos.

Section 6) Posters

Here are three posters that you can download and print. There is a space on each of these where you can add the information for your event. Some people have even blown these up to poster size.

What else do you need?

Let us know if you have any questions with download, if you need something else, or you are just looking for someone to chat with.